Glen Clark and the Family

Glen Clark came into the Christian Music Industry with Dove Award Nominations in the early 90's. But feeling a call to the lost, he left CCM for "greener pastures" he found in the streets. Becoming an independent record label (before indie was cool), he traveled in fulltime ministry with his solo music for 10 years. His 8 children who were raised on the road, began playing music with him 10 years ago now. They are signed with Grrr Records out of Chicago and as the children have grown, so has the music, creating a unique sound, which combined with their compelling story has impact and appeal for all ages. It's hard to define the genre (something like folk/rock, tribal/country, gospel/bluegrass & modern/alternative rock) but by combining Glen's years of solid songwriting with the children's energy and introducing the children's songwriting, this is not just a family band... It is a life changing experience.

Full Website soon.